Speech on the Earth

Speech on the Earth in 500+ words, 300+ words, and 10 lines

Here, you will get about 500, 300, words and 10 lines of Speech on the Earth. Everyone knows about earth and also they know that we are damaging the earth in many ways. But by pollution, deforestation, and in many more things we are doing which are damaging our mother earth. We should always try to avoid those things, which can damage our planet that is earth. We have mentioned almost everything about the earth in easy words here.

Speech – 1 about 500+ words

Good Morning my dear friends, my respected teachers and everyone else who is here once again good morning. Today I am going to you about our planet earth, some of them you may know and some may not. In today’s speech that is speech on earth, I will introduce you all from the structure of the earth to the specialty of the earth and the damage done by us to the earth. As you all know that there are total of 8 planets in our solar system and our planet is the third planet. Each planet has its own special things, but what is different from all is our planet. The special thing about the earth that separates it from all the planet is life on earth. Earth and all the other planets like Mars, Neptune, Jupiter and more planets formed about 4.6 billion years ago.

The Earth is the rocky planet in the solar system. There are three other rocky planets which are Mars, Venus, Mercury. For completing one round around the sun it takes around 364 days and 6 hours. The Earth is divided into layers

  • Crust – The solid outer layer of the Earth
  • Mantel – There is highly viscous layer called the mantel
  • Core – There is a liquid layer called outer core.

We all live on earth, or we can say that there is life because of Earth. Even then we are causing a lot of damage to our planet in different ways. Although there are many things that harm the earth, but the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind is pollution. Air, Water, Soil, Land, or many other types of pollution which occurs. Environmental Pollution is damaging the earth whether it is air pollution, soil pollution, or any other. There are many things which are increasing pollution day by day such as fossil fuels, transportation, Industrial waste, etc. All the harmful gases when mixed into the air cause air pollution on the other hand the mixture of industrial waste, Chemical waste dumping, etc in the water causes water pollution. There are many ways to reduce pollution such as stop using plastic, planting more and more trees, etc.

We should have to take full care of this thing that due to us, in any way, our earth should not be harmed. In last want to end my speech by saying that please grow more and more tree and stop using plastic.

Speech – 2 about 300 words

Good morning to all my respected teachers and all my dear friends, today the topic of my speech is our planet. I am hoping that you all will like my speech and listen me thought out the speech. Let’s start with some history of the earth. When our earth was formed? Earth and all the other planets was formed about 4.6 billion years ago. The earth is one of the rocky planet in the solar system and remaining three are Mercury, Venus, and Mars. As we earth is rounding around the sun, it takes the earth about 364 days and 6 hours to do so. Earth has layers or we can say that earth is divided into layers which are Crust, Mantel, and core (inner core and outer core). Earth is the only planet where life is possible.

The blue area on it shows water and the rest of the area is land. Land makes up about a quarter of the earth and three quarter of the earth is covered by water. We consider 22nd of April as World Earth Day. This day was started in 1970 by Senator Gaylord Nelson. The purpose behind celebrating this day is to protect our planet earth and make us aware of the environment. We get air, water, land, etc from earth or we can say that if there is earth then there is life. We are harming our planet in different ways such as by cutting trees, pollution, etc which we should stop or reduce. There are many ways to stop or reduce the things which are harming our earth such as avoid using plastic, start doing Reuse, Reduce, and Recycle.

In last I would like to end my speech by saying that please try to avoid all those things we can harm our earth, it will be beneficial for us and our coming generation. Thankyou

10 Lines Speech on the earth

  1. There are total of 8 planets in our solar system, and the only planet where life is possible is earth.
  2. From earth we get air, water, land and life.
  3. Earth has different types of layer such as Crust, Mantel, and Core (Inner core and Outer core).
  4. We all know a lot about the earth because we are living on earth.
  5. The earth is also consider as the blue planet because three quarter of the earth is water and remaining part is land.
  6. Earth give a lot to us but still we are harming it in different ways.
  7. We should always try to avoid those things which can harm our earth, our lives.
  8. The first thing which came into my mind is pollution, which are harming the earth badly.
  9. There are also many ways to reduce or stop those thing which are harming our earth.
  10. Such as planting more and more trees, avoid using plastic, use LED lights, keep our surrounding clean etc.

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