Speech for a Teacher

Speech-1 in 500+ words

Good morning Respected teachers and my Dear friends. Today I would like to share a speech on very important personalities. One such thing without which this life would not have been able to move in the right direction. If it were not, you would not be a student. I think you all must have guessed, today I am going to speech for a teacher. I hope all the teachers and students present here will agree with me if I say that teacher is our second parent. A teacher is the one who teaches us the right way to live life. Teachers give us the best thing in life which is education. A teacher is a person who imparts values and knowledge.

The teacher teaches us many things. For what will be the future of a child, somewhere a teacher is also responsible for this. As much as the efforts it takes for a child to study, the teachers put in as much effort in teaching. From preparing questions for the exam to doing extra-curricular activities for us. A teacher is our mentor and our friend as well. He gives equal opportunities to every students to present themselves. They do not make any distinctions between their students. The teachers give us homework and and also do a regular check of our homework. They love us and scold us too. A teacher tries his best to reach us to our destination. A good teacher considers his student as his child.

Having a teacher is very important, and having the right teacher is much more important than that. A teacher should be knowledgeable and must convey correct information to his students. Because on this the life and the knowledge of a student depends. If you are seeing your dream of success, then not only you and your family are living that dream but teachers too. When we will be a successful person they become successful too. Every teacher have their own style of teaching. Sometimes we do not like some teachers at all because they scold us, but we must understand that they scold us only for our own good. A good teacher is one who treats all his students equally and give equal love to all. By the way, teachers are all very special and important. But everyone has a different favorite teacher.

Similarly my favorite teacher is (Your favorite teacher name). He is very knowledgeable and educated. She teaches Social Science in our class i.e. class 10th. Things are easily understood after each of his lecture. He is very capable, I like him very much because he has all the qualities to be a good teacher. As I said earlier, a good teacher loves and treat every student equally. (Your favorite teachers name) Sir / Mam also loves his every student in the same way, never discriminates against anyone. In last I only want to thanks to all my teachers and all the teachers in the world for their hard work, their support. That’s it from my side, I hope you all enjoyed my speech, Thanks for listening to me.

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Speech-2 in 150+ words

Good morning all my Resected teacher and all my dear friends Today the topic of my speech is about the teacher. As soon as I say teacher everyone gets their favorite teacher in their mind. But it does not matter if a teacher is your favorite or not. The teacher matter, his teaching, his hard work matters. A teacher works very hard for us, makes every effort to make us reach the destination. When we are successful, they become successful too. They are the wonderful gift given by god. It is our duty to obey our teacher and follow his instruction on the right path. Teachers also love us and they scold us also. They scold us only for our good. So students should always respect a teacher.

Furthermore, he lives the journey with us till our destination. They teach us how to live a good life, how to build confidence. Without any doubt, it can be said that a teacher is a source of inspiration for the students. Almost every student follows some teachers. A good teacher never makes distinctions between their students. It is their duty to treat every student equally, and it is our duty to respect them even when they are scolding us.

Although every day is special day for teachers, but we celebrate Teachers Day every year on 5th September.


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7 Lines Speech for teacher

  1. A teacher is the one who teaches us the right meaning of life.
  2. They try their best to reach us our destination.
  3. He lives the whole journey with us till our destination.
  4. They are a big source of inspiration and knowledge.
  5. A good teacher gives equal opportunities to all students for presenting themselves.
  6. When we will achieve our success, they also become successful.
  7. They are one of best gift from god to us.

Very short speech for teacher

A teacher is very important in our life. He works very hard for us. He scolds us for our mistakes and also gives us praise for our good. Does not matter how much good we are at studies we always needs a teacher. Teachers helps us to reach our destination.

Some tips to make your speech for teacher more good

If we are preparing a speech for our favorite teacher then we should

  1. First say few words about him then tell his/her name. (If writing about favorite teacher)
  2. Then we should tell something about his personality, how he/she is and how he/she teaches. (If the speech is about favorite teacher)
  3. If there is some story related to the number of teachers sitting in front of you, then you should tell that too.
  4. Say everything with feeling. Be confident while speaking.

Note:- Here, I have written different types of speech for teacher. If you find any mistake and and any wrong information you can comment down or contact us.

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