Rainy Season Essay in English

Rainy Season Essay in English in 500+, 300+ words, and 10 lines.

Here you will find Rainy Season Essay in English in 500 words, 300 words, and 10 Lines. We have tried to gather all the necessary information about the rainy season hope you will like the essay. Below we also mentioned the important advantages and disadvantages of the Rainy Season and the necessary steps we should take in Rainy Seasons. Let’s begin

Rainy Season Essay in English in 500 words

The Rainy season or also called the monsoon season is the season that brings joy as it changes the atmosphere of the surroundings. The first day of rain is very blissful, the bird starts chirping, the peacock starts dancing, the air becomes cool. Every year we enjoy this season for about 3 months. There are many things by which we can predict heavy rainfall which is dark cloud, thunderstorms, and lightning. The environment becomes cool in rainy season. Some people also like the smell after raining. Furthermore the smell and the cool environment makes the day enjoyable. It is very important part for farmers as it helps them to irrigate their. It gives water to crops, only greenery is visible in every way. This seasons does not have only advantages but also have some disadvantages like heavy rain can harm the crops and it led to flood.

Everyone gets happiness in this season after being scorched by the scorching heat, but if it starts raining too much it ruins a lot. This season comes with a lot of diseases and dangerous, we have to protect ourselves by taking some steps like

Necessary steps

  1. Avoid Open Areas:- We all should return to the safe place if we hear the sound of thunder. If the children are playing in playground they should go to their home.
  2. Cleanliness:- Due to rainy season, cleanliness is a basic need you need to fulfill this. If you get water of flood in your feet you need to take proper cleanliness. You should take bathing or wash hand properly before eating or touching anything.
  3. Junk Food:- You need to make distance with junk food as it can led to diseases mainly in rainy season.

However everything has advantages and disadvantages in itself. Now I will highlight some of the advantage and disadvantages of Rain. Firstly we should go thought the advantages part which are as follows


  1. Rain cools air:- In the rainy season due to rain the temperature gets low and coldness becomes high hence the air around us becomes cool.
  2. Plants gets benefits:- When the soil absorb the rainwater, the rain water leaves many nutrients and minerals, due to which plants grow faster.
  3. Important for farmers:- Rain can provide that much water to the farmer so that they can irrigate their land. Even in dry seasons they can irrigate land easily, if the rain water is saved.


  1. Flood:- The main and the major problem of heavy rain is Flood. Flood can led to many diseases, infections. Furthermore it can destroy many huts and small homes.
  2. Acid Rain:- If the rain is acidic they it can led to the huge damage to plants and tress.
  3. Agriculture:- Rain is very important for farmer, but too much rain can ruins crop production.

Rainy season essay in English in 300 words

Rainy season or monsoon season brings joy and happiness with it. It changes the atmosphere as it colds the air around us. The first day of rain is very blissful and relieving. The birds start chirping, the peacock starts dancing, the air becomes cool. It helps the plant in their growth, it helps in agriculture. If the rainy season brings happiness with it, then it also brings many diseases with it. We should be careful during the rainy season. Do not go out as much as possible. Your house, outside, and body should be kept clean. The season gets cold due to rain. There is also a lot of convenience and inconvenience. Farmers wait a lot for rain so that they can irrigate their land, but sometimes due to excessive rain, their crops also get ruined. We can say that on rain the life of humans animals is dependent.

But too much rain can ruin a lot. In this season we should take care of our cleanliness. Due to heavy rain, there is an issue of flood also. Flood is very harmful as it led to many diseases and infections. Furthermore, it destroys many huts, homes, and lives. We should do hand washes and clean bodies if we get in contact with the flood. We should avoid junk food as much as we can do. The Father and Mother should educate their children about it. The Rain brings many advantages with it such as due to rain air gets cool, Rehydrating, replenishing, and plants grow faster, it get benefits to farmers. But at the same time it brings many disadvantages such as Acid rain, Flood and heavy rain can damage crops.

There are many disadvantages of Rain and Rainy seasons

  1. Flood
  2. Acid Rain
  3. Soil Erosion

There are many Benefits of rainy seasons such as

  1. Rehydrating
  2. Replenishing
  3. Retains rivers

About Rainy Season in 10 lines.

  1. The Rainy Season which is also known as the monsoon season, which brings joy and happiness with it.
  2. The first day of rain is very blissful and relieving as the air gets cooler, the birds start chirping, the peacocks start dancing.
  3. Everyone gets many advantages due to this season but at the same time, it brings lots of disadvantages too.
  4. As the farmers wait for the rainy season for their crops but heavy rain can ruin their crops.
  5. The Rainy Season is very important for us, but everything has both advantages and disadvantages too.
  6. The main advantages of the rainy season include rehydrating, ret rivers, cooler air, important for farmers, plants grow faster, etc.
  7. And the disadvantages include Flood, Acid Rain, different Diseases, and heavy rain damage crops.
  8. In the Rainy Season, we should have to take proper care of ourselves as it brings lots of diseases.
  9. We should always wash our hand whenever we come from outside.
  10. In rainy season try to avoid going outside as much as you can do, and also try to avoid junk food.

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