Paragraph for my Family

Paragraph for my Family in about 500+, 300+ and 150+ words

Here you will get different types of Paragraphs for my Family in 500+, 300+ and 150+ words in easy words. You should write the no of family members you have in the beginning of your paragraph.

Paragraph for my family – 1 (500+ words)

There are 10 people in my family, I have a joint family. My family includes, Me, My father and mother, my sister, uncle and aunt, their two children and my grand parents. We all live with great love, we all respect each other. My grand father is the eldest in the house, my father and my uncle consult him before doing any work. Also my father is elder than my uncle, so my uncle also takes advice of my father before doing anything. My mother and aunt also love each other very much, they also consult grand mother before taking any decision of the house. Me and my cousins have a lot of fun with my grand parents. They told us a lot of stories, and also tell al lot of stories from their childhood. I am the youngest in my house, I have an elder sister and two cousin.

My grandfather is very fond of reading books, he keeps different types of books in his room and keeps reading. My grandmother loves to knit sweaters, she makes different kinds of sweaters for us. My father is very strict, he does all his work on time, and he also advises us to finish all our work on time. My uncle also does his work on time, he is also strict like my father. If I tell you about my mother and aunt, she is very loving and caring. Both of them always takes great care of all of us, and teaches us good thing. My elder sister is very understanding, and she helps all her younger siblings with everything. She supports us from study to play. My two cousins also love me very much. One of them is older than me and second one is almost my age.

My grand-father wakes up first in my house then my grandmother, by the time both of them talk, mother and aunt also wake up. Sometimes my mother and sometimes makes the tea for my grandparents, then they wake up everyone. Every morning my elder sister prepares me any my cousins for the school. My mother and my anut prepares breakfast and lunch for three of us. Before returning from our school, they cooks our favorite food for us. My elder sister gets our home work done at night, and also solve our problems. My father and uncle leave for office every morning at 10 am and return at 6 pm. These two always brings something for all of us in the evening.

Sometimes we brothers and sisters get into fight, but later we reconcile because we all love each other no matter how much we fight. My family is very sweet, I love my family very much. I want my family to be happy like this with us and may God’s blessing be on them always.

Paragraph for my family – 2 (300 words)

I have a very lovely big family consists of 10 people, including my grandfather, my grandmother, my father, mother, one elder brother of mine, uncle, aunt, me and my two cousin. We all live with great love, and respect each other. My grandfather is the eldest in my family, my father is younger than my uncle. Whatever work my father do, they discuss with my grandfather. My mother and aunt are both housewives and there is a lot of love between the two. My father and uncle are businessman, they both leave house at 10 am and return home at 5 pm. Me and all my siblings go to school at 9. Me and a cousin of mine study in the same class. My elder brother is in class 10th and a cousin and a cousin of mine is studying in class 6.

My grandfather gets up first in the house, reads the newspaper every morning. My grandmother, aunt and my mother also get up early in the morning. Then my father and uncle wake up, all of us children wake up. Every morning my mother and aunt make breakfast for all of us. Then they prepares us for our school, and also makes our tiffin. My father and uncle go for walk every morning, and sometimes we all go with them for walk. Every night when when all of us kids does our home work, we all watch TV together and enjoy. Then after gossiping for sometime we all go to sleep after having dinner at 10 O’clock. There is a lot of love between all of us brothers and sisters, sometimes we have fights, but we all make peace, because we all love each other very much.

Paragraph for my family – 3 (150 words)

There are only 5 people in my family which includes me, my father, my mother, one elder brother, and one elder sister. I have a small family and a happy family. We all love and respect each other very much. My father has a private job, for which my father leaves home at 9 AM and returns at 5 PM. My mother is a housewife and a very good cook. My mother always makes different types of dishes, the food she makes is very tasty. My mother wakes up first in the morning and prepares breakfast and lunch for all of us. My father goes for a walk every morning and sometimes we all go for a walk with him. We enjoy each and every moment of our life.

My elder sister is in class 12th while my elder brother is in class 10th. My elder sister and brother help me in my studies and also clear my many doubts. My elder sister also helps my mother with her work, she is also a very good cook. I want this small family of mine to be happy and together forever.

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