Paragraph About Mother

In this post you will get Paragraph About Mother in 500+ words and 300+ words and 150 words. Mother is very precious for us, she loves us unconditionally. Let’s start the paragraph about the most important person of our life.

Paragraph about Mother in 500+ Words

Mother is such a personality who loves us the most and the most unconditionally love in the world. She gives us the best upbringing, teaches us to walk. If we get hurt, she hurt more than us. She alone takes care of the whole house, takes care of everyone’s needs. No matter how ill she is, mother is always ready for us. She makes ours favorite food. Waking up every morning and making every one’s favorite food. Prepares her child for school and give them lunch for school. If we get demotivated to do something, it motivates us. A good mother never hides the mistake of her child, but makes her child realize the mistake and asks him not to make that mistake again. Mother stays with us as our support. It is also our duty that we all love our mother equally and we should be her support.

My mother is also something that always stand by me. Mother does everything for our happiness and does not ask us for anything in return. Our father takes mother’s advice to take every important decision. We and our family is incomplete without a mother. A mother is our teacher, the best friend and many more roles are played by the mother herself. There is only a mother who can fights with the whole world for us. And if the children make the mistakes then she can stop them too. Mother has a very special bond with her child without saying that she understands the pain and suffering of her child. Mother wants to fulfill every wish of her child and does it too. At every stage of life, she always teaches us the difference between right or wrong. She loves us unconditionally, and always tries to give us the best.

Last words

If we ever unsuccessful in something, then she increases our courage and make us more strong. We can’t measure mother’s love with anyone’s love because mother is what loves us the most. She takes care of everyone’s mind without thinking about herself. Whether she like some dish or not, if her child likes it, then definitely she makes it. A mother wants to see her child happy and want her child to be successful. She always prays for a successful life. Its our responsibility to always make our mother feel special. We should serve her and never hurt them. Although we probably make many mistakes, but mother always forgive us. From childhood till we grow up, we can not do as much as mother has done for us, but we should always stand for our mother as much as possible.

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Paragraph About Mother in 300+ words

Mother is such a person who loves us the most and does not ask us anything in return. Her love is irrevocable and unconditional. We can not return what a mother does for her child from childhood till growing up. But by giving love and respect, we can definitely make her happy. A mother needs nothing more than that her child love and respect her. There is nothing which mother does not do for us, she cooks for us the food of our choice. She wakes up first every morning and makes tea for all the family members. Prepares her child for school and sends them to school after giving them breakfast. After returning from school, feed them and sees their home work. In the night she cooks dinner for us. Whether we get any support or not, we get mother support at every turn.

Mother gives us if we do something good, also she scold us if we do something wrong. No matter how much angry a mother is, her love never diminishes. She alone takes care of her entire family. My mother is also like this, she gets up first in the morning and makes tea for everyone. Gets me and my siblings for school, then check our bags. We all do sit and breakfast together. Then she packs lunch for us and our father, and send us to school. In the afternoon, when we return from our school, she stands at the gate and eagerly waits for us. Mother’s work never ends and there is no limit to her work. A mother can bear a lot for her children, but she does not let her child to suffer. If we ever fell ill, she stays awake all night to serve us.

In Last

Sometimes we get demotivated or sometimes we get into some trouble, she become our strength. A mother has many roles, she is our friend, she is our teacher. She can do every thing, from playing with us, to teach us.

Paragraph about my mother in 150+ words

The more you can tell about the qualities of a mother, the less it is. Mother is the most important thing in the world , and the most beautiful gift given by god. She is busy in our work all day and night, morning and evening, but never complains. There is only a mother who shows the right path to her children and fulfills their every wish. A mother always puts the wishes of her children above her own without looking at her own desires. She cooks for us, washes our clothes, dries it and does everything for us. We should always respect our mother and pay attention to her needs. From children till growing up, we do not know how much mother has done for all of us, which we can not count. It is our duty to take full care of mother’s happiness as she always takes care of ours.

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