Paragraph about computer

Paragraph about Computer 500+ words, 300+ words and 250+ words.

Here you will find Paragraph about Computer in 500+ words and 300+ words. Computer is one of the most important thing in our life, but it has many disadvantages too. So in the following we have mentioned clearly all the history, advantages and disadvantages of computer.

Paragraph 1 – 500+ words

Computer is a great gift to mankind, it is the best invention of science. It is such an electric device that we can do many of our works very easily. Now a days, no work is done without a computer, everywhere we see at least one computer everywhere. In todays world we need computer in almost every job. It help us in business, entertainment, education etc. In today’s era when studies are being done online, everything was impossible without a computer.

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But computers have a long history of their own. A mechanical Engineer named Charles Babbage, also known as the father of computer., brought the concept of programmable computer. The main types of computers are Analog Computer, Digital Computer, Hybrid Computer and then Modern Computers were made.There are many advantages of a computer, such as it help us to store data, it help in our entertainment, in our studies. It is not a single device like phone, it has many types of parts with it like

  1. Monitor:- Monitor is a part on which we can see whatever we perform on the computer.
  2. Mouse:- With the help of mouse we can do performance like scroll up, scroll down, click and open file, close file, search file.
  3. Keyboard:- There are many keys in keyboards which include alphabet, number and also many symbols are there. Whatever the user press on the keyboard the respective performance will appear on monitor.
  4. CPU:- CPU is its main function is communicate and operate.

Apart from this there are many other parts of computer like, hardware device, mother board etc. Mobiles phones and Laptops are also a type of computer because both of them meet the criteria of being a computer.

Advantages and Disadvantages

It saves our time and effort. It is used in defense, education and medical. We can store data in this as much as we want, there is no such storage issue. And with great ease, we can access the information in it in a very short time. As i have already mentioned that in today’s era we need computer in almost every jobs. It is our basic need, but we should avoid extra usage of this, as it harm us too. A computer can do the work of so many people alone, but it is also suffering a great loss, that is unemployment. If one thing is very beneficial, then its harm is also very much. The same computer not only bring a lot of benefits but at the same time it also has its disadvantages. Like unemployment, health issues etc. Working too much on the computer can cause many health related issue.

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Paragraph 2 – 300+ words

As we all know that the computer is a great gift to mankind, it is the best invention of science. Whether in education or entertainment computer always helps. A Computer is such an electronic device that is used everywhere nowadays, whether it is in education or in entertainment. The mobile phones we use are also a type of computer as they fulfill every criteria of being a computer. The computer has many advantages but along with it also have many disadvantages. There are many parts of a computer like a monitor CPU mouse and much more which makes a computer complete. The first generation computers were based on vacuum tubes the second generation was based on transistors, the third generation of computers were based on an integrated circuit. Later fourth and fifth generation computers used microprocessors, the fourth generation used VLSI microprocessor, the fifth generation ULSI microprocessor – based.

We can get many benefits from the computer but we should use it in limit. Whenever possible we should stay away from the computer as it cause many health related issues. Stress is also a major health issue that occurs due to the long time use of a computer. It saves our time and effort, it is needed everywhere like in defense and medical. If we want to store some data, we can use it very easily and store it in computer and also access it very easily. If we want to make some changes to that stored data or want to see it again, then we can do that too easily.

Paragraph 3 – 250+ words

As we all know that computer is a very important part of our life, without which our life is very difficult. If today we are doing very difficult calculations very easily then because of computer. From talking to our friends to playing games and watching movies and even studying nowadays, all this is possible only because of the computer. Imagine how difficult life would be if there were no computers, but there is also a truth that if something is benefiting you , then it also causes harm. But before going though its advantages and disadvantages let me highlight the history of the computer. A Mechanical Engineer Charles Babbage, also known as father of computer is the one who brought the concept of programmable computer.

There are mainly four generations of computer and every generation have different types of computer. The first generation of computer used vacuum tubes whereas the second generation used transistors. The third were based on an integrated circuit and then fourth and fifth are based on microprocessors. The fourth generation used VLSI microprocessor and the fifth generation used ULSI microprocessor. There are different types of computers which were made like Analog Computers, Digital Computer, Hybrid Computers, and then the modern computers were made.

As I have already mentioned the computer does not only have advantages but also it has many disadvantages. A computer alone can do a lot of work which is very helpful but at the same time it leads the unemployment. It can cause many health problems because nowadays we are doing a lot of work on the computer so it can lead to stress, eye irritation etc.

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