My School Essay in English 10 lines and 500+ words

Here you will find My School Essay in English 10 Lines for class 1 to 10.

My School Essay in English 10 Lines

My School For Class 1 and 2

I am _____I study in class 1 in ____ School.

There are two building in my school.

In one building children up to class V study while in the other building, children up to class X study.

There are total 24 rooms in my school. All rooms are very clean.

Our Principal is _____ Sir/Mam. He/She is very polite and careful.

There are about 25 teachers in my school, all the teachers are very good and smart.

I like all my teachers and my school mates very much.

All my teachers follow discipline, and teach us to live in discipline too.

Teachers always take care of us like their own child.

Sports day, Annual Functions are held every year in our school.

My School For Class 3 and 4

I _____ study in class 3.

The name of my school is _______ school. My school is just a short distance away from my home.

Many of my relatives also study in this school and many have passed out.

The teaching style of the teachers here is very good.

All teachers are well educated, intelligent and and follow discipline.

Furthermore teachers also help us in our physical and mental development along with the best studies.

My school conducts annual function on 5 February every year. In this, all the children participate with great enthusiasm and give performance on that day.

After the annual function is over, all performances are awarded prizes.

Our school also has a Science lab. Computer lab and a Library. The environment of my school is very good and the teaching in my school is very proper.

I wish everyone gets school and teachers like mine. Thankyou!

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My School For Class 6 and 7

1. The Name of my school is __________, this is a very famous school in our city.

2. My siblings and my relatives have also passed out of this school. I come to school daily at 8 in the morning with my friends.

3. In my school, there is education up to class 12th, and each class has its own separate room.

4. Each class has its 2-3 sections, there is a room each section. The class name is written along with the section of class on the top of the room.

5. There are many teachers in my school, about 30. Each teacher is very good in his own place. I have not read by all of them, but those by whom I taught they taught very well.

6. Studying in my school is very good, along with this, attention is also paid to sports.

7. Sports day is celebrated every year in our school. We all participated in this with great enthusiasm.

8. Different types of good things are teach in my school, like being in discipline, equality etc.

9. Our Principal and Directors sir is also very cooperative and helpful.

10. I want to become a doctor and all my teachers also support me a lot.

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My School Essay in English in 500+ Words

Along with giving good studies, our teachers also teaches us to follow discipline. Every year sports day is celebrated, science day is celebrated and much more in our school. A lot of attention is also paid to extracurricular activities. Each teacher has a different way of teaching, but everyone studies very well. They shows us the right path to success.

My school also has a washroom and clean water for drinking. Cleanliness is taken care of all the time in my school. Every class has two fans and lots of windows, our class is very airy.

My school has about 35 rooms, 30 teachers. Every thing is in well maintained. In addition my school has a huge library, all kinds of labs. The library has thousands of books, the computer lab has more than 30 computers.

School is a world where we make lots of memories, study, make lots of friends. In the same way, I also make lots of memories and friends. My school provides me every necessary facilities, every child should get a school which provide every necessary thing. Along with studies, attention should also be paid to other activities such as sports, dancing, and many more.

Every year we celebrate many functions likes sports day, annual function day, science day and many more. Teaches always encourage us to participate in this.

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