About My Mother Essay in English

About My Mother Essay in English

Here you will get ‘About My Mother Essay in English’ in about 500 words, 250 words, and 10 lines. Mother, a personality like which there was no one in the world and there will be no one. For every child, a mother is as important as the breathing. And for a mother her child is more important than her life.

Essay for class 1, 2, and 3

  • My mother’s name is _____. (You can feel your mother’s name here).
  • Mother is a protector, a friend.
  • She wakes up daily every morning, she prepared breakfast for everyone.
  • She prepares me for school in the morning. My mother is a housewife.
  • She keeps all our necessities very carefully.
  • When I go home from school, the first thing I do is look for my mother.
  • Then she gives me food, feeds me with her own hands.
  • Mother taught me to live with discipline since childhood.
  • She is my friend as well as my teacher.
  • My mother gets my homework done every night.
  • Mother is a very good example of love.
  • I love my mother, she is very good, and she also loves me too much.

Mother essay in 500+ words

Mother is an example of love, one of the most important persons in our life. For every child, a mother is as important as the breathing and for a mother her child is more important than her life. She saves us from every difficulty. No matter in how many difficulties she is, she does not allow his children to face difficulties. She guides us on every path. A mother is also a protector for us and can face every difficulty for us. She full fills every duty of her child and her family with utmost sincerity. A mother never leaves her child’s side no matter how many mistakes a child makes. Rather she explains her child the difference between right or wrong without supporting him in his mistake. A mother always teaches her child to follow the right path.

Mother has a very important role to play from the time a child is born till the child grows up. From the behavior of a child to their studies, the mother plays an important role. She teaches us moral values. Such is my mother and so would be the mother of all of you. Every mother in this world is like this. Mother’s love can not be compared with another’s love. A mother may not be happy, but she is happy to see her child’s happiness. She always stands for us whenever needed. If we ever get demotivated, she always motivate us. She stays with us as our strength in our sorrow. This very important person teaches us to be positive in every situation. A mother’s role is very precious, which can not be measured. Yes sometimes she gets very angry but she loves us that way.

We have to love and respect our mother because there is no one like her. Similarly My mother is also very special for me and I love her the way every child does to his mother. My mother is very beautiful like every mother. She always tries to give me the best, the best education, the best Teachers, best food and many other things. She knows my every happiness , and tries to give me everything. Me and My siblings are very lucky to have such a mother. Not only us but my entire family is very lucky as she takes care of everyone. She always get up first in the morning and then she awake all of us on our school and office time. My mother makes breakfast and makes tiffin for us. She takes very good care of my grandparents and is always their whenever they need her.

At the same time she takes care of everyone’s happiness. A mother’s duty is not easy, it’s the most difficult duty. Still, every mother fulfills her responsibility well. Every person should respect a mother. It is our duty to take care of her just as the mother took care of us from childhood till now. Although mother sometimes feels very bad when she scolds us as she never wants to scold us but for our good she has to scold on us.

About My Mother Essay in English

My mother is my whole world to me. She is the one who gets up first of all. Then she makes breakfast for each and everyone and makes tiffin for us too. She sends me and my siblings to school. When it is time for me to return from school, she waits for me at the door. And if I fall ill, she serves us all night long. She gives me the courage and encouragement whenever I m in trouble. She is not only my mother but also my friend and my teacher. My mother has shown me the right direction to live life.

My mother wants to make me a good doctor. I will stand by my mother’s faith. But I know whether I will succeed or fail, she will be with me both the times. If I have ever made a mistake, she explains the mistake and does not support me in my mistake. She takes care of us and stays with us in every happiness and sorrow of life. And of course her love can not be compared with any other’s love. She is my strength in my sorrow and motivates me whenever I get demotivated. My mother is everything for me, my life, my friend, my teacher everything. In last I only want tp say that try to never hurt your mother, always takes proper care of her, always respect her.

Some important Points you can use in you Essay

Mother is our

  • Friend
  • Teacher
  • Strength
  • Most important person
  • Super hero

Mother help us as

  • Strength in our sadness
  • Motivator
  • Teacher in our home work
  • Friend in our plays

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